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  • This special issue of the journal of Cleaner Production focuses on "Energy for Sustainable Future". It is designed to mirror the increasing relevance of renewable energy sources and improved efficiency as crucial topics for practitioners in industry, for governmental policy makers, as well as for civic service providers, researchers, and educators. The purpose of this special issue is to serve as a catalyst for dialogue. The global warming related to CO(2) emissions, coupled with steeply rising energy prices and the recent global financial institutional melt-down are causing massive societal concerns and give rise to increasing demand for ways to improve societal and individual energy efficiency and for ways to shift increasingly to alternative, low or non-carbon based energy systems.|Until recently, industrial energy efficiency improvements have focused on improvements on efficiency rather than on the integration of renewable sources. The aim of this special issue is the identification of policies to support the development and implementation of technologies and management approaches we can employ to make the transition to more sustainable societies. The collection of papers in this special issue provide a foundation for students, researchers, scholars, practitioners and policy makers interested in making sustainable development more than a metaphor. The papers include focus upon ways for:|(a) Improving industrial process to achieve improvements in energy efficiency.|(b) Minimising waste disposals and reducing their impact through better management.|(c) Reducing CO(2) emissions by making progress toward lower carbon, renewable energy based systems,|(d) Improving production of biofuels and hydrogen production systems, facilitated by employing cleaner production and novel LCA tools.|(e) Improving integration of advanced materials and energy efficient equipment in different industrial sectors.|Current and future developments in national and world economies are closely connected to sustainable, efficient and safe usage of raw materials and upon energy based on cleaner production concepts and approaches that are ecologically and economically appropriate for the short and for the long-term future of society.|These challenges have received considerable attention in the media and scientific journals over the last several years. The idea of developing a specialised conference focussed upon them was put forward on various occasions. Focus upon them became reality on the 5th and 6th May 2008 in the historic Castle of Veszprem, Hungary, the current premises of the Hungarian Academy of Science which hosted the Workshop.|The Workshop was a stimulating event and an overwhelming success, with nearly 100 contributors from Africa, North America, Asia and Europe, representing 28 countries. After a comprehensive selection and thorough reviewing procedure 11 papers were selected for this special issue. (C) 2009 Published by Elsevier Ltd.


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