[2015-04-01] DCO Project/Field Study Reporting ("Reporting Year" granularity) Project Update uri icon

DCO ID 11121/2622-9367-5873-4786-CC

Date Submitted

  • 2015-04-01

Update Text

  • Introduced reporting-year-grained project and field study updates, collecting metadata appropriate to the reporting cycle. This work was driven by learnings from the RY2014 reporting cycle.

    Expanded print-ready DCO Grant Summary Reports to include Project and Field Study Update details for the requested reporting year

    Expanded the DCO Grant Browser to highlight availability of Project and Field Study Updates for specific reporting years, and provided direct links to Project and Field Study summary pages.

    For additional information on this work go to http://tw.rpi.edu/web/project/DCO-DS/WorkingGroups/ProjectUpdate