Low-temperature heat capacities of synthetic pyrope, grossular, and pyrope60grossular40 Entity Journal Article uri icon

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  • 1980


  • The heat capacities of synthetic pyrope (Mg3Al2Si2O12), grossular (Ca3Al2Si3O12), and a solid solution pyrope,,grossular,, (Mg1.8Ca1.2Al2Si3O12) have been measured by adiabatic calorimetry in the temperature range 10-350 K. The samples were crystallized from glasses in a conventional piston-cylinder apparatus.

    The molar thermophysical properties at 298.15 K (J mol-1 K-1) are: (abbr.)

    The values for the end members are significantly greater than those presented previously for natural samples of pyrope. and grossular. The pyrope60grossular40 exhibits an excess heat capacity below 120 K; the maximum occurs at 45-50 K. The anomalously high heat capacity of pyrope at low temperatures and the excess heat capacity of the solid solution are apparently caused by the unusually large, eight-fold coordination of Mg2+ in the garnet structure.

publication date

  • 1980


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