Studying the biotic fringe in the Nankai Trough (T-Limit) Field Study uri icon

DCO ID 11121/4145-7346-1097-6358-CC


  • IODP will soon schedule the T-Limit expedition using D/V Chikyu in the central Nankai Trough off Japan likely between Nov 2016 and March 2017. 
    This project will provide an unprecedented opportunity to study the factors that control microbial population size, activity and diversity of microbial life in sediments and basement rock situated in a temperature window encompassing the biotic-abiotic transition, the so-called “biotic fringe”. Drilling two boreholes in the immediate vicinity of ODP Sites 1173 and 1174 will allow us to study the biology, chemistry, physics and mineralogy in two sections of several hundred meters across the critical temperature window of ~80 to 130°C in which previous attempts to detect cells began to fail due to the high limit of detection at that time. We will examine whether microbial communities populating sediments in this temperature range exhibit substantial changes in their composition, function, and activity and seek to identify signatures of biotic vs. abiotic cycling of carbon.

    Learn more at the IODP 370 website.


date/time interval

  • November 2016 - March 2017