Development of Extreme Conditions Instrumentation for Deep Carbon Science and New Generation, High-Resolution, Gas Source Mass Spectrometer Project uri icon

DCO ID 11121/2592-2789-6450-3891-CC


  • A number of instruments relevant to DCO interests are under development at IPGP. Principal investigator Pierre Cartigny focused on the technical challenges and feasibility of using trace amounts of oxygen in diamonds to constrain their source (subducted versus mantle) and the oxygen fugacity of the mantle fluids from which the diamonds grew. The DCO funding leveraged additional support from IPGP for the purchase of two cryostats for distillation/purification of trace amounts of O2from CF4 that will result from diamond fluorination. The award also supported investigation of the capability of measuring the isotope composition of oxygen in the context of imperfect CF4/O2separation using high-resolution, gas source mass spectrometry.

    Principal investigator James Badro conducted preliminary tests on 3D laser nano-machining of samples for use in a laser-heated diamond anvil cell. Tests on silicates, carbonates, and metals have produced nearly perfect disks down to a 20-micron size. These preliminary results were used for leveraging a large pending proposal to the “Paris Ile-de-France Region.”