A Simple, Affordable Way to Measure Diffuse Carbon Release at Volcanoes Project Update uri icon

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  • Keeping tabs on carbon dioxide emitted from volcanoes can be valuable, both for forecasting potential eruptions and for determining how much deep carbon the volcano releases to the atmosphere. Some volcanoes, however, release more carbon dioxide as diffuse degassing along the flanks than through the main plume of the volcano. These volcanoes are difficult to study using a single monitoring station, complicating scientists’ attempts to monitor the “state and evolution” of volcanoes.

    DCO members Matteo Lelli and Brunella Raco (both at the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources–CNR, Italy), in collaboration with West Systems S.r.l., have developed a new carbon dioxide monitoring device that is smaller, lighter, and cheaper than existing designs. It continuously measures diffuse carbon dioxide released from soil, as well several relevant environmental factors. The researchers described their successful test run of the instrument in a new paper in Applied Geochemistry [1]. Ultimately, they hope that the device will be used to set up monitoring networks that will yield more complete estimates of volcanic carbon release.

    Read more here: https://deepcarbon.net/feature/simple-affordable-way-measure-diffuse-carbon-release-volcanoes#.WsfHb9MbPyU