Global Noble Gases Data Base of the Free-Circulating Subsurface Fluids Dataset uri icon

DCO ID 11121/4811-8096-9653-3968-CC


  • Compiling the noble gas data-base (NG DB) on noble gas isotope abundances in subsurface fluids (gases, waters and oils) was initiated in 1990th by a Russian research group (B.Polyak, E.Prasolov, I.Tolstikhin, L.Yakovlev) within the frame of UK - Russian INTAS project headed by R.K. O’Nions.  The fundamental idea behind this project is that, because of circulation of the fluids within the crust, the observed isotope abundances are the average values for large crustal domains and therefore can be used for regional reconstructions, in contrast to results of analyses of rock / mineral samples. 

                Since then this work was continued and in 2011–2017 it was supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  In this version NG DB data on the light noble gas isotopes are compiled for 8200 samples of terrestrial fluids and data on the heavy noble gases are also included. 

    Periodical scientific publications, books, dissertations, Internet files are the major sources of the data.  However unpublished data of the author’s team were also included as well as those from several scientific groups, first of all those headed by R.K.O’Nions in Earth Science Department of the Cambridge University, UK, and by L. Lenkey in Eotvos Institute, Hungary.  Many colleagues send unpublished data from different countries, K. Bräuer (Germany), J.C.Baubron (France), I.Chernov (Uzbek Republic), A.Duchkov (Russia), V.V. Gordienko (Ukraine), F. Italiano (Italy), V.N. Larin (RF), Yu. Taran (Mexico); the authors thank these colleagues as well as those who help us with this long term work. 


    The DB is compiled as four Microsoft Excel sheets. 

    Sheet 1 contains the data on light noble gases (He, Ne, Ar, hereafter LNG) and includes: (i) information on the sampling sites and the sources of the data (short references); (ii) “passport data” for a sample (## /sample identifier / suffix / type of the sample); (iii) abundances of LNG isotopes; (iv) chemical gas compositions and carbon isotope data. 

    Sheet 2 contains the data on heavy noble gas data (Kr, Xe, hereafter HNG). 

    Sheet 3 includes sample identifiers (same as in sheets 1,2) and related references (the data sources) to the samples.

    Sheet 4.  Auxiliary materials, including tables of gas concentrations in the atmosphere, noble gas isotope ratios in this reservoir, noble gas solubility data, etc.