Thermodynamic Properties of Forsterite and Serpentine Entity Report uri icon

DCO ID 11121/4315-4624-7093-1238-CC

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  • English

year of publication

  • 1967


  • The Bureau of Mines made experimental determinations of the heats of for­ mation of forsterite and chrysotile at 298.15° K. The heat capacities of two polymorphs of serpentine, chrysotile and antigorite, were measured over the temperature range from 50° to 298° K and the entropies at 298.15° K were eval­uated. The heat content of antigorite above 298.15° K was measured to 850° K. These thermochemical data were combined with other pertinent data to give heat and free energy of formation values at high temperatures. Free energy values are given for the reaction, forsterite + water = brucite + serpentine at dif­ferent temperatures and pressures.

publication date

  • June 1967