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DCO ID 11121/1656-9775-1972-8353-CC


  • Now installed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, USA, the DCO Computer Cluster comprises a PSSC Labs PowerWulf MMx Cluster with 640 Intel® Xeon® 2.4 GHz Compute Processor Cores and 544GB System Memory - 1GB Memory Per Compute Processor Core. The cluster (accessed via deepcarbon.rpi.edu) has 154TB of System Storage, a high-speed internal InfiniBand network, and a fast backup system. Providing all DCO Communities with state-of-the-art computer power for performing a wide range of calculations, the Linux cluster can run a variety of scientific programs aimed at modeling chemical and physical processes in deep Earth and carrying out data analyses. The cluster is currently managed by a team of DCO representatives under the technical guidance of Peter Fox, the DCO Data Science Team Leader, with scientific oversight from the Extreme Physics and Chemistry Community. Access to the cluster is available to all DCO researchers to use for targeted investigations.