Laser Isotope Ratio-meter (LIR) DCO Instrument uri icon

DCO ID 11121/1208-1072-3448-3868-CC


  • In Summer 2015, the Laser Isotope Ratio-meter (LIR) was deployed for one week to La Solfatara, in collaboration with Stefano Caliro, INGV, Naples. During the campaign all aspects of the system were tested in real conditions and were found to be operating very well, in a very stable fashion. A series of isotopic measurements were made using different sampling approaches, whilst Caliro was simultaneously taking samples in the usual way for subsequent isotope mass spectrometry analysis. All data are being scrutinized in Fall 2015, but the instrument deployment was deemed a great success as it operated and collected data smoothly for an entire week.

    The campaign, supported by DCO, has allowed a clear validation of the LIR instrument concept in the field. The instrument will be improved based on the experience and data gathered, with additional deployment campaigns in the near future being planned. In the long term, the system will be ultra-miniaturized, using integrated optics technologies, in order to develop an unattended, autonomous, miniature LIR that produces high-quality, real time, streaming data on the isotopic composition of CO2. The ultimate objective is to have several sites instrumented with such a system.