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DCO ID 11121/3995-4531-6624-9707-CC


  • Recent studies indicate that carbonate-rich melts are critical to CO2 cycling. Understanding the chemical and physical properties of carbonate-silicate melts is therefore crucial to understanding the behavior of the entire deep carbon cycle. We will (1) characterize the evolution of silicate melt structure in response to increasing concentrations of CaCO3 , (2) use first-principle calculations based on density-functional theory to investigate the effect of carbon addition on MgO-SiO2 melt properties, (3) undertake experiments and spectroscopic studies to determine the carbon contents and carbon speciation of natural rhyolitic melts at high pressures and temperatures in order to constrain carbon transport in subduction zones, and (4) study the physical properties of carbon-rich melts and their connectivity in mantle rocks.

date/time interval

  • October 2013 -