A Proposal for Deep Carbon Observatory Engagement--Phase II Project uri icon

DCO ID 11121/3450-2477-6910-3595-CC

running title

  • DCO Engagement--Phase II


  • Project Goal

    The DCO Engagement Team’s overall goal is to help DCO operate as a contemporary model for scientific collaboration, building and managing DCO’s Science Network, website, and other resources in a way that engages the needed potential members and promotes broad use of the program’s web-based collaborative tools. Our goal is also to build a sense of congruity among researchers who already identify themselves as part of the deep carbon science community and those who are more tangentially involved in this nascent field.


    The most critical objective of the next phase of DCO’s Engagement effort is to identify and apply the incentives

    necessary to build and establish the DCO Science Network as an unsurpassed mechanism for international scientific collaboration and resource sharing among those involved with or interested in deep carbon science. Complemented by a publicly accessible website and the DCO web portal’s collaborative infrastructure, our objective is also to ensure the web-based capabilities serve as both a real-time showcase for DCO findings and results and as an archive of the collective work of DCO scientists.

    Proposed Activities

    The activities planned for Phase II Engagement Team fall into five categories designed to help DCO exemplify the creative, effective, and efficient conduct of a multidisciplinary, international science program from planning and field work through dissemination and evaluation:

    1. Build a Model Science Network with Incentives and Benefits to Ensure Participation

    2. Multiply Member Interaction with Collaborative tools

    3. Expand DCO Community Resources and Public Engagement

    4. Identify and Promote DCO Legacies, Partnerships, and Synthesis Planning

    5. Define and Evaluate Successful Community Engagement

    Expected Products

    Expected products include:

    • documents and training materials prepared by Data Science and disseminated by Engagement outlining why and how the new Data Science-developed system can meet future needs of the growing deep carbon science community better than existing collaboration systems

    • an engaging DCO public website featuring DCO’s most up-to-date features and news content, events, and announcements, and specific pages highlighting DCO Community research and publications, field site explorations, and DCO-developed instrumentation

    • a monthly DCO e-newsletter designed to drive viewers to the DCO web portal, featuring science highlights and key announcements of awards and events of interest to the DCO community

    • a growing database of international journalists and media with interest and expertise in reporting Earth science stories and develop and disseminate two international news release per year covering key DCO research findings and activities

    • videos produced in collaboration with Smithsonian designed to accompany each international news release, plus development of creative visualizations of “inside Earth”, and features about deep carbon science on Smithsonian.com

    • a potential partnership with NOVA for a deep carbon documentary, and other potential products stemming from inquiries by independent filmmakers, authors, and other who express an interest in producing DCO-related products

    • reports of growth in the DCO Science Network membership (goal of 1000 members by April 2016), social media statistics (goal of 1000 followers and 100 retweets per month), and DCO newsletter uptake

    Expected Outcomes

    • more streamlined communications and decision-making within the DCO management and leadership

    • a larger DCO Science Network with community utilizing model communications strategies

    • increased newsletter uptake and website traffic enhanced by continual updates and better navigation

    • greater awareness of DCO through broad-based news release and social media a efforts

    • new partnerships that foster collaboration and broader visibility of the DCO program

date/time interval

  • May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2016