DECADE - MaGa: A Database for Volcanic/Non-volcanic CO2 Emissions in the Mediterranean Area Project uri icon

DCO ID 11121/9073-6244-8954-1381-CC


  • 1. The project is to create a web-based database for carbon degassing, MaGa: Mapping Gas emissions. The database has been upgraded from a previous version (Googas) and implemented with published datasets of volcanic and non-volcanic carbon-bearing gas manifestations in Italy, and nearby countries of the Mediterranean (Greece, Spain and Portugal). Upgrading of the database included implementation of the MaGa database structure, revision, update and ingestion of the existing Googas dataset into MaGa, and integration into the database of volcanic gas composition (and flux) datasets. The web interface and the database system can be accessed at (username: DCO_decade; Password: decade).

    2. Funding received in November 2013 was used to instrument four volcanoes in 2014 with permanent Multi-GAS devices, to monitor quantitatively volcanic CO2 fluxes by measuring the SO2 emission rates using ground-based DOAS combined with CO2/SO2 Multi-GAS measurements in the plumes. By March 2014, the installation of the first two MultiGASs at Turrialba (Costa Rica) and Masaya (Nicaragua) volcanoes was successfully completed Both instruments are working regularly with telemetry to local observatories (OVSICORI and INETER) and data transfer in Europe via ftp server.