Unveiling Carbon Fixation in Three Deep Serpentinization-Driven Hyper-Alkaline Springs Project uri icon

DCO ID 11121/5467-2722-5135-6660-CC

running title

  • Comparison of Carbon Fixation in Serpentinization Sites


  • This project will perform a shotgun metagenomic anlaysis of samples from three continental serpentinization-driven deep aquifers. The samples will be processed using different pore size filters, namely 0.1 μm and 0.2 μm for generation of metagenomes and transcriptomes. The objectives include (1) determining if the microbial populations inhabiting these environments are identical to populations from similar ecosystems, (2) identifying potential presence of carbon fixation pathways and if they are expressed (active), (3) determining if they are the same as those identified in similar ecosystems, (4) determining the nature of the energy network and carbon fixation in the different springs are perpetrated by the same populations and/or by the same functionalities, (5) comparing these environments to other similar deep ecosystems, (6) establishing whether there is a correlation between "deep chemistry" and "carbon fixation/energy flux," (7) evaluating whether commonly used sampling methodology in these environments reveals the community composition and activity? and (8) exploring whether there is a major difference between the "0.2 μm microbial diversity" and "0.1 μm microbial diversity."

date/time interval

  • January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014