Infrastructure Initiatives and Actions for Implementing Engagement and Communications Strategies on Behalf of the Deep Carbon Observatory Project uri icon

DCO ID 11121/3423-8750-6761-6616-CC

running title

  • DCO Engagement Infrastructure Strategies


  • Project Goal

    To develop the infrastructure to help position the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) as a credible, globally recognized scientific entity that is advancing knowledge about Earth’s deep carbon cycle.


    To develop the necessary web portal, database, and collaboration/social networking platforms to support carrying out a DCO Engagement Plan comprising engagement and communications strategies to effectively reach targeted audiences to draw attention to and generate interest in the DCO in positive ways and build and grow an international awareness and reputation of DCO.

    Proposed Activities

    1. Eliciting DCO’s identity through a learning phase to draw out DCO’s identity and transform it into an updated logo, colors, typography, and tagline.

    2. Building a suite of information resources to support the internal DCO community as well as external activities including a Community Database, a Bibliographic Infrastructure and a Visual Materials Repository.

    3. Fostering scientific collaboration and external communications via an electronic File and Information Sharing System as well as a Science Collaboration Portal to support the internal DCO scientific communications, and as a Social Network Platform to support communications to external audiences.

    4. Presenting DCO’s public face and ready access for all to myriad DCO content within a revamped DCO web portal.

    Expected Products

    In the first four to six months of the communications and outreach effort, the project outputs will include carrying out the first steps toward:

    building the DCO community, bibliographic, visual database information platform;

    • building a scientific community collaboration and social networking platform to support internal and external DCO communications;

    • redesigning the DCO web portal to support internal and external aspects of the overall DCO program; and

    • advancing the DCO’s compact articulation of identity and revamping DCO branding and graphic identity accordingly.

    Expected Outcomes

    It is expected that the DCO-wide branding and initial infrastructure development that occurs as a result of this Sloan Officer Grant will serve to support myriad operational needs of the DCO Secretariat and the underpinnings of the DCO-wide scientific community and public engagement program as well as the data science effort.

date/time interval

  • July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013