2016 Update: Studying the biotic fringe in the Nankai Trough (T-Limit) Project Update uri icon

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  • 2016-05-20

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  • Planning is underway for IODP Expedition. Three co-chief scientists officially accepted the invitation of CDEX to serve on the IODP Expedition 370: Dr. Verena Heuer (MARUM, Univ. Bremen) is an organic geochemist who has been working on biogeochemical processes in the deep subseafloor biosphere. Dr. Heuer has a lot of field-based research experiences, including IODP Expeditions 301 and 311 on the JOIDES Resolution, 322 and 337 on the Chikyu, and is interested in biogeochemical carbon and other elemental cycles. Dr. Fumio Inagaki (KCC/ODS, JAMSTEC) is a geomicrobiologist who has also sailed in scientific ocean drilling many times as a shipboard scientist (ODP Leg 201, IODP Expeditions 301 and 316) and a co-chief scientist (Expeditions 329 and 337), and is the first AGU Taira Prize recipient in 2015 for the contribution to the deep-biosphere frontier research. Dr. Yuki Morono (KCC, JAMSTEC) is a geomicrobiologist, who participated in IODP Expeditions 329, 337 and 357. Dr. Morono has been long working on microbiological techniques such as cell detection and enumeration at low-biomass core samples, and is going to be a leader of the shore-based team of the science party. These three co-chief scientists, nominated by the Project Coordination Team (PCT), will lead the science party of Expedition 370. 


    The IODP "T-Limit" Project Workshop - Expedition 370: T-Limit of the Deep Biosphere off Muroto - is going to be held aboard Chikyu on June 25th, 2016. This workshop is funded by Deep Carbon Observatory and is open to all scientists considering contribution to the expedition. Scientists interested in participating in this workshop can get more information and apply to participate through the DCO workshop webpage.