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  • Carbon Inventory of Oceanic Basalts


  • DCO Fellow Marion Le Voyer (DTM/Smithsonian) and GSO graduate student Marion Lytle involved in this project began their work in early 2012.  Le Voyer has obtained data on CO2 , H2 O and other volatiles in a global collection of over 400 mid-ocean ridge volcanic glasses that have been already well-characterized for trace elements by another group (Jenner & O'Neill, 2012), and a suite of previously unreported volatile-rich popping rocks from the equatorial Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  Lytle has obtained similar data on a suite of 60 back-arc basin ridge glasses from the Lau Basin that complement the data set on ~100 glasses analyzed from other back-arc ridges by PI Kelley.  Together these sample suites comprise the first-ever global data set for CO2 emerging from ocean ridge volcanism.  Because the thickness of the crust, and the spreading rate, is already known along the global ocean ridge system, these measurements, combined with trace element data, translate directly into a flux for the most voluminous magmatic system on Earth.  Several publications have already appeared in the literature, one more is in revision, and another is in preparation.  Ultimately, this data will be used to visualize the variability of the magmatic CO2 flux along the entire 44,000 km length of the global ocean ridge system.

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  • February 1, 2012 - January 1, 2020