[2015-05-01] DCO People Browser / DCO Member Directory Project Update uri icon

DCO ID 11121/6543-9513-5579-3202-CC

Date Submitted

  • 2015-05-01

Update Text

  • The previously existing system based DCO membership on whether the user had contributed to the DCO Community Portal and had a login there. This did not provide us with enough information to determine whether the user was a member of DCO, such as what communities they were members of, related publications and projects participating in. In addition not all DCO Members were registered in the DCO Community Portal. We wanted to base DCO Member lists on user profiles in the DCO Data Portal where we could associate additional metadata with the user. Also, membership did not require logins to the DCO Community Portal or the DCO Data Portal.

    By using the S2S Faceted Browser interface (http://deepcarbon.net/dco_people_browser) we have the capability to allow users to search for people in the system, defaulting to only DCO Members, using various properties, such as a user's community, or group, their organization and/or geographic region and search by the person's name. The result set of the browser gives us the opportunity to display whatever information we want using whatever styling we want using dynamic queries and query result translation.

    We plan on using the DCO Data Portal to display user information in other aspects of the portal in the near future. Included, but not limited to, listing members by community on the community pages, visualizations like the DCO Participant Map (http://deepcarbon.net/page/dco-science-network)