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  • Science Network for DCO


  • The era of DCO will be remembered as a time of fundamental change. This shift in the conduct of science will require a transition to data and software infrastructures that facilitate networked science that scales from more traditional small investigator/student efforts all the way to large international and multidisciplinary teams – all on the same data infrastructure. Many of the initial activities for DCO-DS involve data and information structuring guidance, framework adaptation, network and collaboration stimulation, integration and support of DCO Engagement (led by the University of Rhode Island) goals and priorities, as well as addressing some key and immediate data needs to put a version of this data infrastructure in place as soon as possible. Ultimately, the DCO-DS platform will facilitate collaboration, data generation and use being as valuable as scientific publication. Additional peer norms (e.g., credit for data production) will emerge for a new generation of researchers that will take what DCO is doing for granted. The perpetual value of data and information products that DCO will generate or inspire are likely to be incalculable, and probably not foreseen.

    Past research has shown that the identification and facilitation of interactions within large-scale “scientific networks” can be integral to enhancing the impact of large-scale scientific teams.  To create such a model for the DCO, The DCO-DS Community Team will work with the Secretariat to identify both representative and leading people and projects among the Science Communities; representative, in order that a current model of the present “virtual” social network (notably influenced by the DCO Directorate structure) will be developed through analyzing and enhancing what exists now in terms of the rich scientific exchanges already underway in DCO (emails, documents, workshop, and conferences). The Community Team will work first with these targeted projects and particular individuals (people as well as key data resources), then more generally to characterize roles and relationships within the DCO Science Network and to identify key liaisons within each project team. Since the nature and the intensity of the networking around data science and data management proposed may represent a cultural change for many teams, the DCO-DS will work with the Secretariat and Engagement team to clearly articulate the value of the platforms and infrastructure, as well as educate people in their use, where needed. 

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  • November 1, 2012 -