High P-T Device for Experimental Studies on Hydrocarbons Instrument Initiative uri icon

DCO ID 11121/4276-7132-4528-4665-CC


  • A new large-volume, high-pressure-temperature device was developed and constructed with partial DCO support to explore the possibility of abiogenic synthesis of complex hydrocarbon systems in the upper mantle, the thermodynamic conditions of the synthesis of deep hydrocarbons and their migration to the surface, as well as the mechanisms of hydrocarbon synthesis reactions at very high pressure. The DCO funds for this large-volume, high-pressure apparatus and initial research were supplemented by support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Russian Academy of Sciences and other sources.

    Construction of the high-pressure apparatus was completed at the end of 2011. Other preparatory and laboratory setup work followed, including experiments for pressure-temperature calibration. Principal investigator Vadim Brazhkin and his team began research experiments in 2012 and published results are expected by the end of 2014.