Deep subsurface evaporite deposit Project uri icon

DCO ID 11121/9994-4772-3027-5650-CC


  • Evaporite deposits can be found in many deep subsurface settings around the globe. Despite their ubiquity, little is known about how the identity of these organisms and their role in biogeochemical cycling. This project addresses this knowledge gap by examining brine seeps located 1.1km below the surface in Boulby Mine, UK, using metagenomic techniques. Metagenomics will enable us to study the phylogenetic affiliations of organisms present and the presence of functional genes related to particular metabolisms and elemental cycling capabilities. This work will advance our understanding of the role organisms play in deep subsurface carbon cycling and how ancient evaporite minerals shape deep subsurface communities.

date/time interval

  • November 2014 - November 2016