A Proposal for Deep Carbon Observatory Engagement--Phase I Project uri icon

DCO ID 11121/9035-6853-6714-3981-CC

running title

  • DCO Engagement Phase I


  • Project Goal

    This comprehensive DCO engagement and communications initiative aims to make DCO a model program for internal community networking and information sharing, as well as external community building and  engagement. This novel approach toward engagement will facilitate the DCO scientific community's implementation of its work in contemporary, exemplary, and efficient fashion, and will allow DCO researchers to share their results and findings with myriad audiences within and beyond the scientific community.


    To carry out an Engagement Plan comprising engagement and communications strategies to effectively reach targeted audiences, drawing attention to and generating interest in the DCO in positive ways. To build and grow an international awareness and reputation of DCO while helping DCO researchers develop productive, collaborative relationships sooner and more efficiently. To assist in the establishment of a robust community of DCO scientists who have the skills, mechanisms, and confidence to share their research with broader audiences when their work has potential for public interest or welfare.

    Proposed Activities

    1.  Create and maintain a multi-tiered infrastructure to support a range of collaborative engagement and communications initiatives aimed, initially, at mostly internal DCO stakeholders, while being suitable also for external stakeholders and audiences in the long run;

    2.  Establish and support a dynamic DCO Engagement Network with members in each Directorate closely linking DCO research with Data Science and Engagement; and

    3.  Report, disseminate, and communicate the significance of DCO scientific findings to diverse stakeholders and audiences.

    Expected Products

    • actively participating in an improved program management structure; identifying and prioritizing target audiences

    building and launching the DCO community, bibliographic, and visual materials platform

    • facilitating a science collaboration portal and social network platform to support internal and external communications and a revamped DCO web portal with increased traffic and reach

    • fostering an “engaged” community of DCO Engagement Liaisons

    • providing access to a suite of new DCO information and technical resources

    • facilitating the effort to craft a concisely articulated identity for DCO and revamping DCO branding and graphic identity accordingly

    • cementing productive partnerships with institutional, media, and web-based partners

    • developing an active and effective media and public relations effort and first Highlights Report

    • assisting with planning for the DCO synthesis effort

    Expected Outcomes

    • more streamlined communications and decision-making within the DCO management and leadership

    • a strong sense of community among DCO scientists

    • DCO scientists' greater ability to implement model communications strategies

    • an updated, more recognizable, and useful brand and identity for DCO

    • a revamped DCO website with increased traffic and more efficient navigation

    • greater awareness of DCO through broad-based media and public relations efforts

    • new partnerships that foster collaboration and broader visibility of the DCO program while potentially leveraging Sloan funding

date/time interval

  • November 1, 2012 - August 1, 2014