Technologies and Functionalities of the Platform for Linked Science of the Deep Carbon Observatory Community Conference Poster uri icon

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  • 2014


  • Deep Carbon Observatory-Data Science is assembling a Deep Earth Computer for the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO). The efforts will create a fundamental change in the conduct of Carbon-related research, resting upon a 21st century data science platform, and a series of aggregate data holdings that have never existed before. Data science combines aspects of informatics, data management, library science, computer science and physical science using cyberinfrastructure and information technology. The Deep Earth Computer we build provides these functions at minimum: an concept-type repository, an ability to identify and manage all key entities, agents and activities in the platform, a repository for archiving datasets and associated metadata, collaboration tools, and an integrated portal to manage diverse content and applications, with varied access levels and privacy options. The Deep Earth Computer sets up a platform for the Linked Science of the Deep Carbon Community, that is, not only scientific assets like data and methods behind scientific settings are opened and inter-connected, but also the people, organizations, groups, samples, instruments, activities, grants, meetings, etc. are recorded and inter-connected. Such a platform will promote collaborations among DCO community members, improve the openness and reproducibility of Carbon-related researches, and facilitate accreditation to resource (including publications, datasets, instruments, etc.) contributors. 

publication date

  • 2014