[2015-05-15] DCO Instrument Reporting ("Reporting Year" granularity) Project Update uri icon

DCO ID 11121/5179-2409-1841-6914-CC

Date Submitted

  • 2015-05-15

Update Text

  • A Deep Carbon Observatory Instrument is a piece of equipment developed by and or used by a project related to DCO. If the instrument was created from a DCO related project and was funded by by a DCO grant then that instrument should be associated with that project. An instrument should also be referenced by any DCO related project that uses the instrument. This information is important when reporting instruments and projects that create or use the instruments for any reporting period. This information is used by funding agencies and project PIs to gauge progress in the project, the success of a project and for future funding possibilities.

    The first phase of this work included updating the information model related to instruments to facilitate the gathering of additional metadata, and updating the grant summary page to include any instruments created by projects funded by the grant and/or used by a project funded by the grant. The grant summary page is used for reporting purposes. In addition, an instrument summary page will be created to provide any additional information.


    For example: https://deepcarbon.net/dco_grant_summary?uri=http://info.deepcarbon.net/individual/n3903&ry=http://info.deepcarbon.net/individual/n28100