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DCO ID 11121/4633-8902-7449-9432-CC

Date Submitted

  • 2014-08-31

Update Text

  • As part of the progression toward a global community of carbon scientists, DCO is forming a “virtual” science network. The Data Science Team worked extensively with the Engagement Team in developing and refining key functions for the DCO web portal support collaboration. In doing so, there was a need to characterize roles and relationships within the DCO Science Network and to identify key liaisons within each project team. All such functions are now implemented. All that is required is the full population of the content, a task that extends well beyond the purview of the Data Science Team. The DCO-DS team has been working to bootstrap several purpose-built Collaboration Groups in the DCO Portal, ranging from Executive and Secretariat activities, to workshop planning and administration, to scientific work including specification preparation and review. Our contributions have ranged from training to technical support. The DCO-DS team is performing quality assurance on the DCO science network candidate list.

    When this activity is completed, we will have a radically more complete, dynamic global image of DCO participation. The DCO-DS team has also completed prototypes of project-level modeling (using DCO-DE project metadata), enabling the dynamic depiction of per-project and per-community global participation. The DCO-DS team has completed information modeling of DCO field sites and has begin import of field site metadata. This will further contribute to the per-project and per-community visualization options. Objectives for next phase: Finalize report formatting; generate alternative structured XML version that can be processed by DCO Portal UI style sheets for attractive interface components (e.g., accordion menus). The DCO-DS Team will expend special effort in collaboration with the DCO Secretariat, Engagement team, and the larger DCO community, in order to substantially increase the formal number of active participants in the science network (meaning they exist and are part of the network now but not visible through the portal).