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DCO ID 11121/7272-3846-1697-5359-CC

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  • 2014-08-31

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  • Samples from the Mid-Cayman Rise project, headed by Co-PI Huber were instrumental to obtaining new piezophilic, hyperthermophilic cultivars which have been the focus of physiological studies. One of the most exciting results is the unprecedented broad pressure range for growth of the cultivars (from >100 MPa to atmospheric pressure), which may have implication for microbial dispersal and evolution in the subsurface environment. Similar studies to obtain novel piezophiles have been undertaken with samples from deep fracture environments in South Africa and Finland.  Additionally, deep life supported post-doc Priya Narasingarao participated in a Japanese-led expedition to the Mid Cayman Rise in 2013 to obtain fresh samples, and to conduct stable isotope tracer studies at high hydrostatic pressure, which complement the work of Huber, et al.