Various growth environments of cloudy diamonds from the Malobotuobia kimberlite field (Siberian craton) Journal Article uri icon

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  • 2016


  • Microinclusions of high-density fluids (HDF's) occur in cloudy diamonds from the Mir and Internatsionalnaya kimberlite pipes (Malobotuobia kimberlite field, Siberian platform). These HDFs are of typical high-Mg carbonatitic composition; a few diamonds contain microinclusions that define a low-Mg carbonatitic to silicic trend. The observed variations are interpreted as resulted from mixing of two contrasting fluids derived from the partial melting mainly of carbonated peridotite (the high-Mg carbonatitic HDFs) and eclogite (silica-rich HDFs and HDFs with high Ca/(Ca + Mg + Fe)). Immiscibility of carbonatitic and silica-rich fluids provides a possible mechanism for the co-existence of the observed HDFs but needs further proof. The uniform carbon isotope composition of cloudy diamonds with high-Mg carbonatitic microinclusions from both kimberlite pipes implies a single peridotitic source.


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