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DCO ID 11121/3335-9181-7563-1530-CC

Date Submitted

  • 2014-08-31

Update Text

  • Using our use-case driven methodology, we have formalized the information models applicable to the DCO. These models (conceptual, logical, and physical) have guided our development of the underlying schema (ontology) for the data infrastructure and allowed us to leverage and extend existing schema from VIVO, CKAN, etc. All schemas are open source and being fed back to the respective communities (as well as our software integration/modifications). Our use of ontology classes as a formal means for communicating the types of DCO data objects is novel and is of interest to the broader scientific community. We have therefore been active participants in relevant Research Data Alliance (RD-Alliance; http://rd-alliance.org ) working groups, including the Data Type Registry Working Group and Persistent Identifier Types Working Group.