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DCO Project and Field Study Browser

About this Interface (Click to expand)

This interactive interface provides a convenient way to explore DCO Projects. Participants, Project Descriptions, and Updates for projects associated with each of the four DCO Communities (Extreme Physics and Chemistry, Deep Energy, Deep Life, and Reservoirs) and Teams (Secretariat, Engagement, and Data Science) are entered via the DCO Data Portal and displayed in this Project Browser.

  • Projects from all DCO science communities and teams are listed by default.
  • Click on a project title from the column to the right to view detailed project information.
  • Numbers appearing after a name in the left column are the number of projects associated with a particular Community, Group, or Participant.
  • Click once on a DCO Community, Group, etc. in the left column to filter by your selection. Click the x next to your selection to deselect.
  • Clicking a DCO-ID will bring you to the individual project page on the DCO Data Portal (DCO-VIVO). This is useful to DCO community members who are maintaining the project's detailed descriptive data; this data is public but is not stylized for general consumption.
  • You may need to click on the paging icon to see additional projects for your selection.
  • If you select a large number of results per page, you may need to scroll to see all results.
  • For questions or to report problems, please email